John Damberg is…

Alaska’s Latin & Jazz vibes, marimba, steel drum,drum set, and percussion artist specializing in live performance, education, and composing.  HIs major passions in life are sharing his joy for composing, playing music with others & exploring the great outdoors!

When you first experience the positive energy of John Damberg’s live performances and his approach to teaching, you know you are in for an exhilarating and enlightening experience.

You get the sense that you are in the presence of a highly motivated visionary and charismatic spirit who loves to share his deep love for music, the outdoors, and living life to its fullest to inspire his audiences and students.

John’s deep passion for composing, performing, and teaching life skills through music has been a constant force throughout his life’s long and fulfilling journey. His interest in music, nature, and different world cultures over the last 47 years has taken him on many varied and interesting musical journeys throughout North, Central, South America, Sweden and Norway. From the high mountains of Glacier National Park, Montana to the warm islands of the Caribbean and back to the incredible scenery and native cultures that make up Alaska, John has experienced the music of the land and the diverse music cultures of its native inhabitants.

From these experiences, John has developed a strong focus on using improvisatory music as a vehicle for self expression and communication between one’s inner musical spirit and the surrounding world.

John is a firm believer that an artist’s Sense of Place in the world comes into focus and has deep meaning when the artist is actively practicing his or her art form. In this creative art space time ceases to exist and the artist becomes whole.