Band Descriptions


John Damberg Latin Jazz Ensemble: Instrumentation features a beautiful blending of marimba, vibes, steel drum, Latin percussion, flute, guitar, bass, and drum set. This group has a fun, upbeat Caribbean Island flavor to it. It is great for concerts and Latin theme parties. It features original music by John Damberg, Mark Manners, and Laura Koenig and fresh arrangements of popular Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Trinidadian, and Puerto Rican songs.
John Damberg Quartet: Instrumentation includes marimba/vibes/steel drum & percussion, guitar/vocals or piano, bass and drums. flute may be substituted for the guitar. This group is recommended when light dance and classy ambient music is required to set the mood of the party or function. The quartet’s music includes originals, contemporary jazz, funk, and Latin style songs, and a fun selection of Broadway show tunes and jazz standards.
John Damberg Trio: Instrumentation includes vibes/steel drums/piano, guitar or flute or drums, and bass  This group is best used for high quality ambient and listening music and light dance music for intimate company functions, private parties, and weddings. The trio’s song selection is the same as for the John Damberg Quartet.
John Damberg Duo: Instrumentation includes any of the following combinations of instruments: Vibes or Marimba and either Guitar, Piano, Bass or Flute. The duo  is great for ambient cocktail and dinner music at small, intimate functions, restaurants where a smooth, sophisticated sound is desired. The duo’s song selection is the same as for the John Damberg Quartet.
Caravan Variety Dance Band: Features a female Lead Vocalist, Keyboards, Guitar/Vocals, Bass, Drums/Vocals. A Saxophonist is also available for a nominal charge if added to the five piece group or at no extra charge if it is substituted for the guitarist. This is the usual size band that is used for medium to large parties and functions where high quality variety dance music is required. It provides the fullest and most authentic sound. Caravan’s music selections include contemporary pop, country, and R & B hits, classic Motown, Rock, and Big Band songs.

Client Comments


January 5, 2023

Hi John,
Thank you so much! You guys were great! I’m so happy you played. My mother was over the moon about the music. She absolutely loved it! (and the rest of us did too!!) My biggest thanks to you and your band mates. I will keep you in mind for future events!

Sarah Bolt regarding music for her mother’s birthday party.

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